Strange Transactions

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Declaring unusual transaction reports suspicious and making these transactions available for investigation services is a core task of FIU-the. Netherlands. These.

Unusual significant transactions, particularly those recorded near the end of a reporting period, represent red flags and may lead to fraud in the financial statements. Forensic accountants searching for clues or indicators of fraud closely scrutinize those transactions. To avoid fraudulent financial reporting or assets’ misappropriation.

An ‘unauthorised transaction’ is a payment which you did not consent to. If you’ve identified one of these on your account, scroll down to find out what to do next or alternatively you can contact us.If you’re concerned that the transaction may be fraudulent, take a look at our Fraud Awareness article for more information. A ‘disputed transaction’ is a payment on your account which you’d like.

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Whether it’s credit card transactions and charges or bank transactions that you don’t recognise, here, we show you how to spot and report them. Check statements carefully Most people will make quite a lot of payments and transactions in a normal month, so it can be easy for an unusual transaction to slip through unnoticed.

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Strange Transaction Advisory Services is a product of the CPA firm Strange & Coats, PC, CPA’s which was started in in 1956. Strange & Coats services customers in a broad range of industries and enterprise sizes. From the 60’s to the present, the clientele expanded across many sectors of business.

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Regions is committed to preventing credit card fraud and debit card fraud. Please contact us to dispute a transaction or report a suspicious charge.

"Transactions: myths, surprises and opportunities" by Martin KleppmannPhone us immediately if you suspect fraud, an unauthorised transaction or misuse of your.

If you think something seems suspicious or unusual, it probably is.

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Do you suspect a fraudulent transaction on your account? Visit our online FAQs page or call 1-800-REGIONS to dispute the charge as soon as possible.