Bye Bye Bitcoin

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Bye-bye, Bitcoin — It's All About BananacoinsIn a clash of cultures, the oldest building in the world to have a hyper modern Bitcoin ATM style machine is in an olde.

9 Apr 2019.

Bye Bye Bitcoin. Chinese Authorities Want to Ban Crypto Mining.

China's crackdown on cryptocurrency may soon extend to mining — and the.

Almost nine months ago, we published episode one of the first-ever TNW podcast, Forensic Finance. This podcast, created along.

10 Apr 2019.

A man's face with gold coins representing bitcoins over his eyes. China may say bye-bye to bitcoin mining. Artyom Geodakyan / TASS via Getty.

6 Oct 2014.

Remember bitcoins? The digital currency swam into the average person's attention last December, when the price of a single bitcoin reached.


28 Aug 2019.

The often controversial Tether stablecoin seems to be migrating from OMNI to ETH, resulting in a boom in active USDT-ETH addresses.

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17 Jan 2019.

Bye-bye DIY. Am I really doing this? I asked myself as I sent my personal credit card details to an operator based in Central Europe. This was a.

After days of stagnation, the crypto market finally broke higher on Wednesday. In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has gained 4%.

16 Jul 2019.

We look at the technical and legal problems introduced by BTC's scaling.

So, it's good bye to trustlessness, immutability and decentralisation.