Andresen Proposes Hard Fork Patch For Bitcoin Xt

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What is a Bitcoin hard fork? Simply Explained!In the end, Ethereum’s creator-in-chief – a gangly 22-year-old Russian Canadian called Vitalik Buterin – proposed a ‘hard fork’ of Ethereum, effectively allowing users to transfer to a new version of the platform in which it was as if the hackers’ re-appropriation of the DAO’s funds had not happened. While the technical and ethical merits of the decision have been much debated.

The leading developer Gavin Andresen has decided to discard the BIP101 protocol, which laid the foundation for Bitcoin XT, after the industry’s key players rejected any immediate hard forks. “It is clear that BIP101 will not be adopted, so I’m withdrawing it,” wrote Andresen.

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Bitcoin XT would later include Andresen’s BIP 101 proposal, which raised the block size to 8MB. Bitcoin XT arrived on the scene before Bitcoin Classic, but set the stage for what a block size limit initiated by a hard fork looks like. Unfortunately, the block size increase was attacked as too risky by the core development team. 2014–9–25. Blocks get closer to the ‘full state’, with.