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They say that life’s too short to drink bad wine. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve

created the Cor.kz Wine Info iPhone application. In seconds, you can access CellarTracker’s information on over 1,000,000 bottles of wine… right from your iPhone! Virtually any bottle of wine can be found using Cor.kz – really! So stop taking chances on the bottles you buy at the market and in restaurants. Simply type in the name of the wine (or even scan the bar code!) and you’ll have access to over 2,000,000 notes and ratings from experts and from the huge CellarTracker community of wine drinkers. Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile or a novice, Cor.kz has great features to enhance and enliven your wine-drinking experience. If you’re just starting out, Cor.kz will help you improve your palate, find more wines you like to drink, and save time and money. Experts will love the detailed information on each wine and the inclusion of even the most rare and exotic bottles. You’ll love our CellarTracker and Twitter integrations, which let you keep track of your wine collection and tell your friends what you’re drinking in realtime. Hey, there’s a big world of wine out there – add Cor.kz today and get drinking! We made Cor.kz because we needed it. Hopefully you do, too! Cor.kz was conceived by real live wine enthusiasts. We have used and loved CellarTracker for years, so when we realized that the iPhone needed an absolute first class wine application, the solution was obvious: apply our application development expertise to bringing CellarTracker’s fantastic data out of the web browser and into the palm of your hand. Cor.kz is just getting started. We’re proud of the application we’ve built and we know you’ll find it to be incredibly useful and fun, because we do. But our work isn’t done yet — we’re working on exciting features for the next versions, and Cor.kz users will receive free upgrades through the iPhone app store. We’re also a very user-centric company. We want you to love Cor.kz as much as you love wine, and we’re willing to work hard to achieve that. We encourage you to drop by our forums or to drop us an email to let us know how we’re doing.

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